Surface heaves with fathom breath
the roiling froth and frigid swell
risen here in quiet vaults
my gentle titans pirouette


each riven scar a memory
a life in pursuit of sanctuary
of children lost, and those I bore
intwined with fevered love and fear


we drift on sick, uncertain tides
of warming seas wrought with threats
there are barbs, and choking slicks
and the follies of man’s avarice


but blood is hot in this water
thrum of mighty hearts exult us
and keep a steady rhythm with
the beat of human relatives


restless oceans seize and sigh
replenished breath held as we dive
for we shall never halt our course
and never forsake this world


This short film and it’s narrator hope to address the plight of our world and those who dwell upon it,
to draw attention to the vital importance of natural ecosystems, both in the continued survival of
the diverse species that call it home, but also for human life itself.
We rely on the oceans and forests to replenish our atmosphere with oxygen and remove carbon dioxide.
We rely on the interconnections of all flora and fauna, in the lattice of life and death,
and If we continue to use the oceans as an open sewer and the forests as a resource, we will cause
irrecoverable damage that will directly effect the long term habitability of our planet.
But it also asks us to remember our connections to those other species and in this case the oceans,
a place where all life began; and to our mammalian cousins, the whales, whose familial ties,
complex language and behaviour shows that we share far more than a deep history and that we must
respect their right to live without the threat of human interference.

ClientPlanet EarthServicesConcept / Cinematography / EditYear2019

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